About the Artists

Rheanne Jane Winstanley

21-year-old, Philippine-based artist Rheanne Jane Winstanley uses drawings, audio and digital work as a voice of complex emotions and personal experiences. Fascinated by dark fantasy and sinister visuals, the artist specialises in ink pen drawings, 2D Digital art and paintings to create surreal effects in her work. Involved in three public art exhibitions and experienced in various art fields and mediums, she aims to be boundless and experimental in order to explore more ways to articulate emotions into visuals, sound and motion.

James Salt

I Come from Nottingham, England. I grew up fascinated by the way I could symbiotically merge the sounds and atmosphere of music into physical imagery and this is the premise for much of my work. I use the coalescence of art and music to bring my artwork into physical manifestation. I have been greatly inspired by both internal and external sources with my art. My travels to Asia and the juxtaposition both visually and socially with the east and west has helped me create artwork which evokes my thoughts and feelings on the vast differentiation in culture, I try to incorporate this visually to build an artistic bridge and highlight the beauty to be found in both the east and west. I tend to find surreal and abstracted ways of presenting these ideas using contrived creatures and mysterious landscapes. My main form of medium is Ink and digital which I try to use in the most vibrant and expressive way. I tend to draw in a pointillist style with subtle elements of swirls and cross hatching for specific textural surfaces. My art is a personal expression of my imagination and I hope that it speaks to you in an individualistic perceptive way.

Billy Binx


Birmingham based “human”. Recently entered the realm of 3D with no urgency to look back. I love to explore the parts of my mind that are usually most prominent when I’m half asleep, horny or intoxicated. (or all three). Heavily inspired by old Newgrounds cartoons, Ray Harryhausen and the fabric of reality itself. All the works I’ve done for this project consist of whacky zany sculptures with a contrast in themes.
I hope whoever sees what I’ve conjured either laughs in confusion, or look at my art and think “Yeah, I’d have that above my fireplace next to pictures of the family”.